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Set Residential creates designer architectural homes.

Daniel builds a team unique to each project – architects, builders and tradespeople – who are trusting and respectful in pursuit of perfection.

They share a single goal: working with you to realise your dream home.

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Set Residential realises artisan homes without compromise.

Every home is an opportunity: for how we design, engineer and transform space; how materials should leave a considered footprint; how our practices can be smarter and kinder.

At every opportunity, we turn today’s cutting edge into tomorrow’s expectation. But it’s no fun when done alone. We relish in sharing ideas and learning from peers to set the bar for tomorrow’s homes.

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I’ve been fascinated with homebuilding since childhood. In my working life, I’ve come to deeply understand the industry and where space for innovation lies. That’s why I started Set Residential: to help homeowners fully realise their dream home and change the way we build.

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Each home is an opportunity to set the bar

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